LITE↯BLOX LBtrack – lightweight battery for tracktool, tuning & motorsport

LITE↯BLOX LBtrack – lightweight battery for tracktool, tuning & motorsport

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LITE↯BLOX LBtrack – lightweight battery for tracktool, tuning & motorsport


The LBtrack lightweight battery comes in a plain housing with integrated BMS electronics in proven quality.

Our optional available adapter bracket allows a plug’n’play replacement against the standard OE starter battery, saving up to 20kg / 44lbs total.

The LBtrack racing battery will be delivered from May 2019 including DMSB homologation and can be pre-ordered from now on.



  • saves up to 20kg / 44lbs of weight compared to the standard battery
  • plug’n’play replacement for the OEM battery for use in smal sized 2-stroke / 4-stroke engines
  • maintenance-free due to BMS electronics with protection against misuse & overload (over / under voltage) Charger is required only for a very long service life with connected loads
  • use of the latest premium cell technology (A123 ANR26650M1B)
  • very low charging time (LiFePO4 battery cells)
  • marginal self-discharge when not in use



  • engines: 3-8 cylinders (1000-3500ccm***)
  • limited vehicle sitting periods: 1-2 weeks*
  • performance- & motorsport applictions (Sprint, Rallye, Hillclimb, Tracktool, Time Attack, Dragracing, Drift, Tuning, Caravan, Car-Hifi, Boat)
  • for the use in applications with intelligent alternator control (IBS / IAC) the LITE↯BLOX has to be coded by a qualified workshop!
  • for use in vehicles with energy recuperation (“Braking Energy Recovery” / “KERS”) only the LB28XX model is suitable!


technical data:

  • weight: 22XXg** (excl. pole terminals)
  • dimensions: 149 x 87 x 151mm (l x b x h)
  • voltage: 13,2V / 14,6V (nom / max)
  • capacity: 10Ah / 25-40Ah (nom / Pb-eq)
  • cranking current: 100A / 600A* (cont / peak @RT)
  • operation temperatur: 0 to +60°C
  • cycle life: >3x to the standard vehicle battery*
  • terminals: M6 ring / SAE pole terminals
  • certificates: complies with directives 2001/95/EG, 2011/65/EU, 2006/66/EG, 2008/104/EU, UN38.3
  • scope of delivery: LITE↯BLOX LBtrack + terminal-screws M6 + instruction manual
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